This is where you will find the growing list of COMIC BOOK ARTISTS, ILLUSTRATORS, STUDIOS & SPECIAL GUESTS that will be attending our Show.

Jamie J. APGAR


Illustrator with a background in Comicbooks, Tattooing, Graphic Design, and Murals, Jamie J. APGAR has used

those combined experiences and skills to create new unique illustrations.

J.P. Bidula


J.P. Bidula is a lifetime Pittsburgher, holder of a ninth-dan black belt in smart-ass, self-proclaimed mega-geek, pop-culture aficionado, blogger, critic and author. His first novel, Unlucky Seven, was published in 2014 and combines his passion for the comic book superhero nerd culture with his wry and cynical sense of humor into a fast-paced self-aware satire that can best be described as The Avengers meets Arrested Development. When he’s not obsessing over video games, TV shows, movies, or comic books, he’s working on the as-yet-untitled Unlucky Seven sequel and should have copies available by this August’s Steel City Con.

Follow his blog at!

Emy Bitner


Emy is a Western Pennsylvania native who has been drawing non-stop since she was a toddler.  Seeking a career in animation, she moved to California where she fell in love with making comics instead.  Her most well known work, Trying Human, dives into the world of Ufology which has fascinated her since the early TV run of Unsolved Mysteries.  Her other works range in genre from gothic horror to mystery and has been featured in a number of indie comic anthologies.

Spike Bowan


Spike Bowan is a local Pittsburgh area author who started writing in 2005. He was published by the International Library of Poetry in 2007 where he was awarded the Editors Choice Award. A Hospital Corpsman veteran, Spike is also a singer/songwriter, paramedic, blogger, firearms instructor, poet, father and husband. Spike’s fiction novels fall into the alternate history realm bordering on the apocalyptic. Creator of the War in the Backyard series, Spike also has his own superhero series starting called Comic Book Apostle.

Nichole Brown


Nichole is the owner and creator of Nichole Brown Art and Such, and she is excited to be back at the Steel City Con with two tables and lots of new work.  She will be returning with her popular TransPort Series, which are transparency collages that feature a large pop art collection that spans across actors, musicians, film/tv, and iconic characters.  New to this show will be the option to purchase large mosaics of each work.  Also new for the August show will be assortments of found object sculptures, using materials such as old toys and collectibles.  Make sure you stop by the tables and take a picture with Sven, the reindeer mascot and logo of Nichole Brown Art and Such.  There will be props to dress him up and all donations will go to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, which is a charity that provides art and music supplies to underprivileged children.  Your picture will also appear on the website and Facebook page!


Chris Campana


Bio-Fan favorite, Chris Campana has been working as a professional artist for over 20 years. With work ranging from commercial story boards, video game concept design and comic books, Chris has made a name for himself as a story teller and creator. Beginning with his first work for Caliber in 1997, he has built a career that finds him now in the place he wanted to be in since he was 10…drawing comics for a living. With a long list of mainstream and independent credits, Chris has now decided to go the creator owned route and is currently the artist and writer on the hit fantasy epic-First World, a story that turns the genre on its head, Never one to settle, Campana is constantly pushing to be better, to tell a better story, and to make the page come alive.

D.J. Coffman


D.J. is best known as the creator and artist of HERO BY NIGHT which takes place in a fictional Pittsburgh (Steel City) His latest project is THE GOD CHILD from Caliber Comics. Before his work in more mainstream comics he self published and distributed his own mini comics (YIRMUMAH!) and was one of the first creators to publish webcomics in 1998. D.J was also a featured cover artist on HULK 100 from Marvel.

Tom Cook

Animator / Director

Tom began his career as an animator and director in 1978 at Hanna-Barbera Studios where he was hired to work as an assistant animator on Challenge of the SuperFriends, Godzilla, Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Pacman and the Flintstones.   A short stop at Ruby-Spears had him working on Thundarr the Barbarian (had the privilege to meet and work with Jack Kirby), Heathcliff, Fang Face and Plastic Man. Freelancing at Film Roman he worked on the Garfield Special Babes and Bullets and for Bill Melendez on the Peanuts Special This is America Charlie Brown.   He then moved over to Filmation Studios in 1980, which at this point had become the only animation studio doing animation in the United States, and worked on Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Blackstar, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Brown Hornet, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She-Ra Princess of Power, Ghostbusters, Lone Ranger, Zorro, The Kids Super Power Hour with Shazam (Captain Marvel), Hero High and the futuristic Western Bravestarr. He was also involved with many TV commercials such as The Jolly Green Giant, Chevrolet, and the 7 Up Spot campaign.  He then became the timing director on Road Rovers, Disney’s Mighty Ducks, PB & J Otter, Duckman, King of the Hill, Savage Dragon, HBO’s Happily Ever After Fairy Tales, Extreme Ghostbusters, Extreme Dinosaurs and many more. He also animated on a number of motion pictures such as Walt Disney’s Prince and the Pauper starring Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit in Tummy Trouble, The Jetson’s Movie, Rover Dangerfield, Stay Tuned, Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night, Steven Spielberg’s We’re Back, and Don Bluth’s Thumbelina.

Aaron Dalzell


Self-Published author of Pennsylvania. Works include: FORGEMASTER, HONDOR, BY CANDLELIGHT, CONFLICT, OFF-ROAD, and TRAIL OF FLIES, as well as over twenty short-stories published on, combining elements of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi together.  All works are available on paperback and Kindle through, just search under books for AARON DALZELL.

David DeVera


David DeVera is an illustrator and color sketch card artist. In addition to custom art, David is the author and colorist of Ninjabitch: A Grindhouse Graphic Novel and has done illustrative work for Deadworld.

David DeVera

Bret Dusic


Bret Dusic is Mr. Cat of the Cat In Black Art. This Cheshire Saucerian is inspired by Steampunk and fantasy. His masterful craftworks reflect the life of an Appalachian Neo-Victorian Man In Black. Mr. Cat is a proud sponsor of Vandalia-Con.

Olivia Foss

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Olivia Foss is a digital illustrator and graphic designer (and giant geek) who hails from right here in Pittsburgh but studies all the way in Columbus, Ohio. She is about to become a third-year art student at CCAD, and has somehow managed to survive finals and make her way back to the summer Steel City Con!  This will be her second time selling at a convention (and trust me, she has learned from the first), and once again she will be selling sketch commissions and prints for all who want them.

Garrett Free


Garrett Free is a comic book writer from Pittsburgh, PA. He learned from a young age by attending art school at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA.  After reading the Watchmen, Garrett began pursuing writing comic books as a new creative output. He currently self-publishes the Arcadian Knights comic series under his WMD Comics Publishing.

Wendelin Gray


Author Wendelin Gray is a linguist, writer, dancer and long-time volunteer with the Silk Screen Arts Organization in Pittsburgh, PA. Novels she has written include The Vulpecula Cycle, The Weary City and the forthcoming horror novel The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak.  She blogs about East Asian language and literature at and


John Haun


Looking for reasonably priced original art? Then stop by and say Hi! Projects I have worked/ing on The Hobbit, Star Trek, The Walking Dead Season 1 & 3, Downton Abbey, CBLDF Liberty, Valiant comics, Justice League of America, Marvel Comics …  Greatest Battles, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie, Spider-Man, X-Men, 70 Years In Marvel, Heroes and Villains & Dangerous Divas. Star Wars Galaxy 5, 6 & 7 The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Woman of Dynamic, Sci Fi / Horror Sketch Card Series 2 & Vampirella, Bettie Page Private Collection, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Best of Hockey & Multi Sport. Friend me on Face Book!


Nikki Hopeman


Nikki Hopeman still has a trunk full of spiral-bound notebooks stuffed with short stories in a child’s handwriting. While she’s graduated to using a computer for writing, she still finds files of mysterious and terrifying information saved for future writing endeavors and can even sometimes remember why she saved them. In her life before writing, she earned a BS in microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh and worked as a mad scientist for UPMC. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University, where she learned her trade with some of the best horror writers in the business, including Michael Arnzen, Tim Waggoner, and Scott Johnson. She lives in the Pittsburgh area with her husband, two sons, two corgis and one angry guinea pig. Check out her novel Habeas Corpse, available from Blood Bound Books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Also be sure to check out her short stories, “Black Bird,” in Dark Moon Books’ anthology Mistresses of the Macabre, and “One Man’s Garbage,” in Hazard Yet Forward, a charity compilation, also available on Amazon.

Nathan Jeffers


I Grew up in the infamous “east side” of Buffalo NY in a home that promoted the idea of being different. Not only to keep me off the streets but allowing me to grow into my own person.

With two older sisters and being the only boy in the house i retreated into the worlds i would create with crayon and pencil and paper. My love for art continues to grow to this day and I absorb anything I can “study” comics, anime, disney, etcetera.  I’ve  always appreciated the work of comic greats like Claudio Castelinni, John Buscema, and Joe Madd .

Iv’e also been influenced by various graffiti artwork I would see not only in Buffalo but also abroad in Puerto Rico, Ururapan Mexico, Miami and of course Toronto Ontario.


independent Toy Company (handmade designer plush)

Jellkoe is an independent toy company based out of Columbia, SC.  It is owned and operated by Kelly and J. Spencer Shull.  jellykoe specializes in handmade designer plush and custom vinyl, resin, and hand sculpted action figures.  In addition to their toy lines, jellykoe also offers original artwork and illustration.

Damion Kendrick


Welcome back after 2 years Damion Kendrick and introducing Alex Lynne, the King and Queen of DamageARTS! Both display talented art skils. Alex is a rising star with a passion for art ready to share and impress her talent at her very first comic con! Please come and welcome her. Damion is a veteran to the comic world with his popular Manga series Chang Fury! With other titles in the works such as Shattered Realm, Vigilant Punx, and upcoming new title Abolition Rising. He is set to make an impressive impact in the comic industry. Come visit both Damion and Alex at their table!

Ross Kennedy

Artist / Illustrator

Ross Kennedy is a Pittsburgh based artist and owner of Armature Tattoo co. in bloomfield. He is also the self publisher of his graphic novel REVENANTS. REVENANTS follows Jonah through a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh as he tries to survive the uprising of bloodthirsty Revenants while battling his own personal demons. Three nights after most of the world’s population suddenly and mysteriously dies, they return from the dead transformed. Now Jonah, Amy, and a man named Elijah appear to be the last living humans in the city…and possibly the world. Struggling with the grips of drug addiction and trying to cope with the accidental death of his mother, Jonah had given up on living long before everyone died. Now, he must rediscover the strength and courage he lost years ago in order to survive the night. REVENANTS is the culmination of a lifetime of dedication to horror movies, comic books and illustration. Be sure to check out his work as a tattoo artist, his paintings and illustrations, and Revenants.

Josh Knaub

Illustrator / Cartoonist

Josh is an illustrator/cartoonist out of Lancaster, Pa. He is known for taking pop culture icons and movie characters and putting his own cartoon twist on them. Josh will have many prints available as well as be available for commissions. If you would like to view some of Josh’s work you can go to or

Casey Knoll


Casey Knoll was born, and has lived in, Pittsburgh her whole life. While the other girls in her class wanted to be princesses and put on make up, she wanted to read comics and watch cartoons all day. She dreamed of one day creating her own comic book with her own characters.  Today, that dream’s finally been realized.  She hopes you enjoy her stories and characters as much as she enjoyed creating them. “I’m always practicing and striving to improve my art.  Always be yourself, and NEVER let anyone tell you your dreams are worthless. As long as you keep working hard and never give up, you can achieve anything.”       Visit her at:

Heather V. Kreiter


Heather V. Kreiter is the twisted creator behind My Little Demon, considered to be the “dark side” of ponies or Garbage Pail Kids for a new generation.    To date the “herd” of almost 50 Demons have been made into prints, figurines, dog tags, calendars, coloring books, pesonal checks, messenger bags, plushies, and much more!  Heather is also an award winning Fantasy Illustrator that has been working professionally since July 2000.  Her work has been published hundreds of times in RPGs such as the World of Darkness line of books and in CCGs such as Legend of the Five Rings and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.”  Don’t forget to look for My Little Demon and Heather Kreiter Art on Facebook!

is the twisted creator behind My Little Demon, considered to be the “dark side” of ponies or Garbage Pail Kids for a new generation.    To date the “herd” of almost 50 Demons have been made into prints, figurines, dog tags, calendars, coloring books, pesonal checks, messenger bags, plushies, and much more!  Heather is also an award winning Fantasy Illustrator that has been working professionally since July 2000.  Her work has been published hundreds of times in RPGs such as the World of Darkness line of books and in CCGs such as Legend of the Five Rings and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.”  Don’t forget to look for My Little Demon and Heather Kreiter Art on Facebook!

Abby Kroll

Artist / Writer / Illustrator

Abby Kroll has been drawing since she was 5 years old. She recently graduated from Bradford School of Business with an associate degree in graphic design. She took advantage of an opportunity to study under Dorian Cleavenger at Douglas Education Center and discovered a love for painting. But Abby’s main love remains her giving life to her characters in her version of anime. She is the author/illustrator of a new graphic novel series called BitterSweet Secrets. With her mother as her co-writer, Abby has intertwined facts and fiction to create a world of fantasy that is part of her unique world. Abby is also the illustrator of another series of children’s chapter books that her mother is writing. Please stop by and enjoy Abby’s unusual outlook on life.

Dave Kuklis


Author of Escape from Netherworld, recently won a bronze medal (IPPY Awards) for fantasy book by an indie author, the largest independent publisher awards:  Escape from Netherworld, a thrilling tale of a group of friends whose simulated war games go awry one weekend, sending them into an alternate realm from which there appears to be no escape.  For David Kuklis the love of science fiction and fantasy began at an early age, when he and his brother, inspired by the game Dungeons and DragonsTM, staged similar games in their backyard and nearby woods. His uncle, a marine paralyzed from the neck down in Vietnam, usually ran the indoor games around the table, and his father was the inspiration for Twiggy, a major character in this book. Find out more at: @davekuklis twitter account and


Maggie Linebaugh

Artist / Special Effects

Maggie Linebaugh (Missmaggius Designs), who is a graduate of Douglas Education Center in the Tom Savini’s Special Effect Program, and her younger sister Hannah Linebaugh(Tough-Girl-Freed) share a common talent – art. They work in various mediums from clay to acrylic and watercolor and also turn found objects into re-purposed art. Added to the group this time is Rebecca Linebaugh(Mangry Cat Designs), our mother, her art style is a crafty blend of collage and original artwork with a touch of re-purposing.

Alex Lynne


Welcome back after 2 years Damion Kendrick and introducing Alex Lynne, the King and Queen of DamageARTS! Both display talented art skils. Alex is a rising star with a passion for art ready to share and impress her talent at her very first comic con! Please come and welcome her. Damion is a veteran to the comic world with his popular Manga series Chang Fury! With other titles in the works such as Shattered Realm, Vigilant Punx, and upcoming new title Abolition Rising. He is set to make an impressive impact in the comic industry. Come visit both Damion and Alex at their table!

Jesse Marks


Jesse Marks is a self-taught artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He draws everything from classic comic book heroes and villains to Disney and My Little Pony. He is currently working on his own comic book featuring Evolution Prime for Underground Comics. A second book featuring Jesse’s own characters and characters from Jabaar Brown and Eric Cooper will be out later this year. Check out his art at

John Martin


Local digital artist John Martin creates spectacular original digital paintings in full detail from the industry’s biggest comic heroes and villains to classic science fiction icons. Commissions will be accepted before, during and after the show. Please visit his website to preview his work and like Risen Lion on facebook to stay informed of new paintings and show appearances.

Come see his completed Gotham Rogues collection. Eager to return to this local con, John looks forward to seeing you at his table.

Amanda Mayer


Amanda Mayer, owner and creator of Nerdtastic, is a jack-of-all-trades nerd that loves to help her audience geek out over their favorite fandoms with handmade creations. Based in Alsip, IL, Amanda is a mom, wife, and software QA person by day… and a crafter by night. Her line of nerdy lip balm has been featured at What Culture magazine and has taken Etsy by storm. Nerd inspiration has no limits so if your fandom isn’t already on her jewelry, coasters, lip balm or posters, she is always happy to work on custom designs.


Brandon McDonald


Brandon is an inspiring artist who works in the mediums of graphite and charcoal. He creates realistic images from an array of pop culture and horror films. Brandon has his Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is now staying at IUP to earn his masters in studio art.

You can find his work at

Sal Otero

UWS Comic founder

My name is Sal otero in 2014 I founded UWS comics with Steve k, Bob garr , Fran Jung and Erik Dee Fullmer.  We released our first title Until We Sleep issue 1 early 2015 .  I have done various variant covers for Ant Hill comics, TMNT issue 34 and have started my own creator owned story title Midnight Eye.

Tyree Patrick

Graphite Illustration

Like most of us, Tyree Patrick is a geek for all things Sci-Fi, Super Hero, Horror and Fantasy.  A graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he is a working artist and tattoo artist north of Pittsburgh, in Beaver County.  Primarily, his graphite illustrations focus on close up portraits, of which he has presented to over 140 celebrities, most of whom have been Steel City Con guests.  This is his first time at the show as an art vendor.  Check out his Facebook pages for art and tattoos:  Art by Tyree Patrick and  See you at the show!

David Schuler

Painer, Illustrator, Designer

David Schuler is back again! Residing in the land of weirdness and devilstrips known as Akron Ohio, he is a traditional painter, illustrator, and designer. He paints dark and surreal, yet colorful paintings of a wide variety of topics ranging from horrible animals, twisted pop culture, surreal burlesque models and whatever else pops in his head using watercolors, acrylics and brush inks. Check out his website to connect and view his body of work, and be sure to like his Facebook page for in-process photos of upcoming works and event schedules:

Ian Sharpley

Webcomic creator

McSoss, created by Paul McGinty and Ian Sharpley, started as a webcomic in 2008 and has grown, not only as a comic strip, but into weekly comic book reviews and a fan favorite podcast co-hosted with Matt Casale. If you like comics, pop culture and comedy, McSoss is for you.

Andrew Sheppard


Andrew is a 26 year old self-taught artist out of Columbia, SC. I have just recently started pursuing my art as more than a hobby. I work predominately in oil pastels and I sell originals as well as prints of both fan art and original designs. Currently I have been working on pop culture portraits and will have lots for the show.

Tod Allen Smith


Tod Allen Smith is an artist from Altoona PA, and is an officially licensed Lucasfilm artist with Topps Trading Cards which include sketch cards for Star Wars The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Star Wars Galaxy 4 trough 7, Mars Attacks and Indiana Jones Masterpieces, Star Wars: Galactic Files 1 and 2 including Star Wars Illustrated, Star Wars Chrome Perspectives 1 and 2 and Star Wars Masterwork 1 and 2. Other sketch card sets include Marvel Masterpieces 2 and 3, along with sketch cards for the Captain America and Iron Man 2 movies for Upper Deck. Also, Hack/Slash and Zombies vs. Cheerleaders for 5Finity. The Hobbit, The Walking Dead and DC New 52 for Cryptozoic Entertainment. Tod was also featured in the Voltron United and Drawn art book. Tod has completed story boards for Star Wars actor Jake Lloyds first directorial gig and is partners with Jake in Pumpkin Pact Productions. Tod is also doing work with table top skirmish game Wolsung by Micro Art Studio, and with Monkey House Games for Jeff Dee and Jack Herman’s re-launch of the classic super hero rpg Villains and Vigilantes.

Steve Totin


Steve Totin is a local artist from Pittsburgh, PA with a big passion for comic book art. He is a freelance comic artist and graphic designer with a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in graphic arts. He has done many projects so far: illustrating logos, book covers, and comic commissions. With major influences like Jim Lee, Michael Turner, and Greg Capullo, Steve aspires to break into the comic book world with his own independent comic currently in the works. Combining his passion for traditional art and knowledge of digital graphics, Steve brings life to his creations with unique perspective. He is excited to showcase his work and network with others who share his love for art and pop culture.

David Tucker


Hi my name is David Tucker, yet everyone calls me DJ, I love to be called be. Well I’m 19, and I love to draw. Some of my favorite things to draw are faces, Japanese Tattoo art (Not a Tattooer), Dragons, People, and Comic book characters. I just finished a semester of art at my local Community College, so I’m still learning and trying to find my style. Right now a lot of my work includes a lot of “What if battles” and Fandom mixing, ie. Steampunk Disney Princesses. I love to see mix things together and see the monster I have created. I have been drawing since birth and have constantly been pushing myself, with help from family, to get better and better. My favorite artist include Jim Lee, Andrew Loomis, and best of all (in my book) M.C. Escher. All of these artist have works that will lost forever, but as for me, my comic book goal is just to have someone (not friend or family) cosplay as a character that I have created. That’s pretty much it, see you at the con

Jack Vasvary


Jack Vasvary is a freelance artist from Pittsburgh. He studied Visual Arts at Radford University as well as Multimedia Technologies at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. While attending Radford University, he was a staff writer and graphic artist for Whim – Radford University’s online magazine. His one-panel cartoons, inspired by Gary Larson’s The Far Side, often mash up pop culture references that show off his inner geek and unique sense of humor. He has also done color work for the third installment of John Davis and Patrick Ebel’s comic book “Worlds Apart” as well as “The Adventures of Steeldog” and the upcoming issue of “Steel Man”. Jack has also designed artwork for the table-top gaming compnay Wynner’s Circle Games including upcoming games “Going Nutz” and “Squish.” Finally, he is working on his first graphic novel, Hammurabi, which he hopes to have published soon.

Ashley Villers


Ashley Villers is an art educator and artist from North Canton, Ohio. Her illustrations often reflect her love of sci-fi and pop culture.
You can find her work at:

Kyle Whary


Kyle Whary is an elementary art teacher by day, professional artist by night.   He works in the styles of Realism, Abstract, and Pop. His Pop Art is homage to not only Andy Warhol, but to the people who have inspired and entertained him throughout his life.  Sentimentality and nostalgia is a major influence in Kyle’s Pop Art.  His goal is to bring the same feeling to the viewer or at least give them a smile. To see more of his work check out or Kyle Whary on Facebook.

Byron Winton

Artist / Illustrator

Byron, a Pittsburgh PA native, is a freelance fantasy and horror illustrator who has worked in the comic book, pop culture, and horror convention industries for many years. His amazingly detail rich paintings showcase creativity and precision. Byron paints popular culture imagery from memorable movies like; Star Wars, Resident Evil, and Beetlejuice to name a few. He also conceives and executes mind-blowing original concepts of his own. He has worked for TOPPS, CALIBER COMICS, MOONSTONE BOOKS, and industrial bands REIN[FORCED] and TRAGIC IMPULSE.

See his work at