This is where you will find the growing list of COMIC BOOK ARTISTS, ILLUSTRATORS, STUDIOS & SPECIAL GUESTS that will be attending our Show.

Colt Baudoux


Colt Baudoux is an uber nerd hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. He began his journey as an artist in his youth, and is finally taking the leap into the world of the professional artist. This will be his first time showcasing his work at an event, and he looks forward to meeting fellow artists and fans at steel city con to share his love and passion for all things geek! With a background in graphic design from ITT Tech, Colt’s work has focused on poster designs, tattoo art and his work has even been featured on a music video by heavy metal band, Avenged Sevenfold!  Colt’s favorite super heroes are Captain Marvel and the morally ambiguous, but always trying to do right by his own way, Deadpool. His work gravitates to the world of capes and masks because of his love for those who would sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Colt’s preferred medium is graphite pencil, with an exploration into color from time to time. “I just want to share my art with the rest of my fellow con goers and comic book enthusiasts.”

Ed Beard

Fantasy Artist

Ed Beard Jr has created art for over 1000 published products over the past 30 plus years. His art include dragon art for the… “Dragon” calendar, Dragon, wizards Fairies,horror and other mythological creature and subjects. You can find his works on: art prints, posters, T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, and collectibles. You will also find many opf his works on custom Hot Rods and Motorcycles from his early years and current work as an airbrush muralist for the industry. Ed Beard Jr. is known for his works in Magic the Gathering art, Tolkien art, lord of the Rings and the Hobbit art as well Dungeon and Dagon’s art, T-shirts from the Mountain Corporation,Skinit lap top designs, Jigsaw puzzles and many other licensed products.

David Carlson

Creative Delusions

David Carlson has taught media and traditional arts for the past twenty years.  During this time he has published graphic novels, produced films, designed costumes and exhibited traditional fine art.  He has blended traditional art with digital processing.  His graphic novels portray a view into mental illness and a blend of reality and fantasy.  He has created class curriculum for comic illustration and won multiple awards for his freelance costume designs.  Both of his graphic novels; Lamoe and Homoculous Affirmation are available on Amazon.  He is currently working on an animated web series.  David’s work revolves around the horror movies he has grown up with.  His graphic novels, photo manipulations, digital designs and paintings will be available for sale and signing during the convention.

D.J. Coffman


D.J. is best known as the creator and artist of HERO BY NIGHT which takes place in a fictional Pittsburgh (Steel City) His latest project is THE GOD CHILD from Caliber Comics. Before his work in more mainstream comics he self published and distributed his own mini comics (YIRMUMAH!) and was one of the first creators to publish webcomics in 1998

Coffman is also a official Marvel sketch card artist, most recently featured in the new Marvel’s Masterpiece trading cards set from Upperdeck.

D.J. will be drawing art requests at the show or you can order ahead of time for pickup. You can see recent examples of his convention sketch art at


Bret Dusic


Bret Dusic is Mr. Cat of the Cat In Black Art. This Cheshire Saucerian is inspired by Steampunk and fantasy. His masterful craftworks reflect the life of an Appalachian Neo-Victorian Man In Black. Mr. Cat is a proud sponsor of Vandalia-Con.

Jim Dyer

Fenham Publishing

Fenham Publishing is a small press that was established by Jim Dyer, grandson of C. M. Eddy, Jr. The press was formed to showcase the works of C. M. Eddy, Jr. an author of macabre, mystery and horror short stories from the pulp magazine era of the 1920’s, most notably Weird Tales. Mr. Eddy was a confidant and friend to both H. P. Lovecraft and Houdini during that time. After painstakingly combing through the many personal effects of his grandfather that have been stored away for years, Jim rediscovered his grandfather’s original manuscripts and has carefully chosen some notable selections for inclusion in the titles produced thus far. http://www.fenhampublishing

James Edwards

CJ Photography

James “CJ” Edwards is a Pittsburgh native with a passion for the Arts; he has had a lifelong love of comics and been involved in some form of creative expression since grade school.  After spending 15+ years in theatre, he took up fashion photography as a hobby turned professional.  He fell in love and hasn’t been without his camera since!  In less than three years, he has worked with over 150 models on 200+ shoots. In 2014, James’ photos were published in Sensual Woman magazine and he started selling prints of his photography and digital art at the Steel City Convention. Starting in 2015, he is expanding these sales to include pop culture arts & craft items. James and his wife, Meg, currently live in the Munhall area with their two dogs.

Rebecca Frank

Fantasy Artist / Comic Book Cover Designer

Rebecca is  a fantasy artist and book cover designer from Pittsburgh, PA. She has worked with various New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, as well as many up-and-coming indie authors. Her illustration work can be found in the trading card game Exodus. For a sample of what you’ll find at her booth, find her work online at:

Garrett Free

Comic Book Writer

Garrett Free is a comic book writer from Pittsburgh, PA. He learned from a young age by attending art school at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA. After reading the Watchmen, Garrett began pursuing writing comic books as a new creative output. He currently self-publishes the Arcadian Knights comic series under his WMD Comics Publishing.


Joshua Gragg

Digital Illu

I’ve always loved to draw and create things. In college I studied Multimedia and really fell in love with digital illustration. My work often makes use of simple polygons, layers, and textures. The subject matter varies widely, but Pop Culture tends to be a consistent theme. Please visit for more information.

Andrea Graham


I am an artist from Erie Pennsylvania. I have attended erie county technical school for art & design for business, as well as Douglas education center for digital illustration. I love all kinds of media of art. I have been creating art for as long as I can remember and I have never stopped. I love pop culture and I am often inspired by nature and animals. I have worked in everything from vector graphics to acrylic paint. I have a passion for concept art and character design

Lindsey Harris

Freelance Digital / Graphic Artist

Lindsey is a young, hard working graphic and digital artist with prints inspired by Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Homestuck, MEMEME, anime, and many many more! Currently a student at Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center, Lindsey wants to show the world (or rather a small portion of it) what a young high schooler can achieve! Here’s what you can expect to see at the artist table:

  • Some sweet posters!
  • Affordable prints! Neeto!
  • 11×17 posters of your favorite TWD characters and more!
  • Awesome stickers!

John Haun


Looking for reasonably priced original art? Then stop by and say Hi! Projects I have worked/ing on The Hobbit, Star Trek, The Walking Dead Season 1 & 3, Downton Abbey, CBLDF Liberty, Valiant comics, Justice League of America, Marvel Comics … Greatest Battles, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie, Spider-Man, X-Men, 70 Years In Marvel, Heroes and Villains & Dangerous Divas. Star Wars Galaxy 5, 6 & 7 The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Woman of Dynamic, Sci Fi / Horror Sketch Card Series 2 & Vampirella, Bettie Page Private Collection, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Best of Hockey & Multi Sport. Friend me on Face Book!

BeeJay Hawn

Caricature Artist

International award winning caricature artist, BeeJay Hawn of Oodles of Doodles, has put together a lineup of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other pop culture fan art and is taking commissions. Her works include “Hobo Stew”, a comic strip on Facebook about the sarcastic outlook of an amusement park caricature artist and her family life, Your Family vs the zombies series of illustrations, multiple TMNT fan fiction cover and chapter arts, and “Indigus” for the Planetscape anthology to be out in 2016.

Rashid Hill

Award Winning Artist

Cleveland, Ohio native Rashid Hill is a self-taught mixed media artist who resides in Columbus, Ohio. In 2014 he attended his first professional convention, the Origins Game Fair. Though he began his professional career in 2014, he’s been drawing ever since he could remember, illustrating: cartoons, comics, animals, landscapes, still life and portraits all along the way. Lately he’s been exploring different mediums such as oil paints, pastels and ink. Rashid is best known for his detailed charcoal work; a recent fan art charcoal piece entitled, “Too Much Chocolate Pudding” landed him his very first, “Best Monochromatic Art Award” in the Origins Game Fair 2015. Keep an eye out for him. He’ll be the one with a huge smile on his face and remnants of his latest charcoal piece adorning his fingers. Checkout some of his work on Instagram: @Artxphenom or his Facebook page:

Tori Hirsh

freelance illustrator

Tori Hirsh is a young freelance illustrator currently attending Carlow University for Animation and Media Arts. She is inspired by children, her friends, and her family. Her work is simplistic, colorful, and unique. There will be a selection of works inspired by pop culture and original characters based off of the strong women in her life. This will be her first time selling her artwork within a comic convention setting but she is well-adjusted to the community that thrives there. Her passion and career goals include character design and visual development.

Ken Kelly

Fantasy Artist

Ken started drawing at the fragile age of two and has not stopped since. In 1968, he decided to go to the studio of Frank Frazetta and show him some of his own drawings. Frazetta liked what he saw and encouraged Ken to pursue a career in commercial art. At the same time, he also invited Ken to study under him. Ken eagerly accepted Frank’s offer.   Under the guidance of Frazetta, Ken was able to fine-tune his skill even further. Frazetta stressed how important it was to put feeling into creating a painting and to let the action on the canvas come from the imagination. Ken took those words to heart and has lived by them ever since.    Later that same year, Ken received his first professional assignment. Before he turned the painting in, he took it to Frazetta to get his approval. Well, Frazetta did not think that the woman in the painting had a terrified enough expression on her face, so he painted over her old face, with a new one of his own, which he felt worked better. Now it was ready to be turned in. That painting was done for Warren’s Vampirella Magazine and is titled, “The Lurking Terror”.
Then Ken worked for Warren and Skywald magazine. Then in 1969, he entered the book cover field and has since worked for just about every major publishing house. Ken has done work for some of the best selling authors in the field, including an outstanding series for Robert E. Howard, and the complete series of Robert Adam’s famous Horseclan novels.   Outside the bookcover field, Ken has worked for nearly all of the large toy manufacturers. He has also done many album covers, including two paintings for KISS, for which he was rewarded with gold albums.

Josh Knaub

Illustrator / Cartoonist

Josh is an illustrator/cartoonist out of Lancaster, Pa. He is known for taking pop culture icons and movie characters and putting his own cartoon twist on them. Josh will have many prints available as well as be available for commissions.

Heather V. Kreiter

Artist / Illustrator

Heather is the twisted creator behind My Little Demon, considered to be the “dark side” of ponies or Garbage Pail Kids for a new generation.    To date the “herd” of almost 50 Demons have been made into prints, figurines, dog tags, calendars, coloring books, pesonal checks, messenger bags, plushies, and much more!

Heather is also an award winning Fantasy Illustrator that has been working professionally since July 2000.  Her work has been published hundreds of times in RPGs such as the World of Darkness line of books and in CCGs such as Legend of the Five Rings and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

John Martin

Digital Artist

Local digital artist John Martin creates spectacular original digital paintings in full detail from the industry’s biggest comic heroes and villains to classic science fiction icons. Commissions will be accepted before, during and after the show. Please visit his website to preview his work and like Risen Lion on facebook to stay informed of new paintings and show appearances.  Come see his completed Gotham Rogues collection. Eager to return to this local con, John looks forward to seeing you at his table.

Annamarie C. Mickey

Digital Artist

Annamarie is a freelance digital artist from western Pennsylvania who particularly enjoys concept art and character design. Her drawing interests range from comic heroes (such as Wonder Woman and Black Widow), to video games (such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age), to her own personal projects. She is currently the lead artist on an independent RPG-tactics game called “Kuraz,” currently in pre-production. Stop by her booth for on-site pencil and ink commissions as well as fan art and original prints!

Brian MIddleton

cartoonist and storyteller

Brian Middleton is a cartoonist and storyteller from Altoona PA.  His unique art style combines strong fantasy themes with Sunday comic sensibilities.  His stories are both fantastical and mythological in nature.  He is also a pretty fun dude.

Audra Olivia


Audra Olivia is an original artist from small town, Michigan. Her whimsical paintings are filled with creatures, monsters, aliens, and pop-culture favorites. Step inside the weird little world of Audra Olivias Attic, and let her unique characters bring a smile into every room!

Nathan & Stacie Pinsoneault

Comic Book creators

Nathan & Stacie Pinsoneault have been Nerds their whole lives, sharing interests in all things Sci-Fi, such as Star Trek, The X-Files, Doctor Who and Comics. After discovering this, they did the only sensible thing and got married! Together now, they share a dream of crafting stories and characters from their vast and vivid imaginations. That dream is now an Awesome Reality with their NEW COMPANY: 819 COMICS! Premiering at the STEEL CITY CON with the release of their VERY FIRST comic book series, MISTER MARSH, Nathan and Stacie’s collaborative efforts in writing, drawing, inking, lettering and coloring have commenced as the first in a series of AMAZING ADVENTURES, all occurring within the 819 UNIVERSE!”

Shane Ronzio

Web Comic creator

CROSS WORLDS NEXUS Indy Web Comic creator Shane Ronzio will have his books available at the STEEL CITY CON.
You will find in the pages…Wild Sci Fi Adventures with unique characters assembled from Across Time & Space.

Lacey Shreffler

Digital Artist

Lacey Shreffler is a Pittsburgh local and freelance digital artist. She has been attending and selling at conventions, including Steel City Con, for many years now. She is also the co-founder of HINGE Studios and is the artist of their premiere webcomic Apocalypse Tuesday. Her work has also been featured in a few super hero and cartoon themed fanzines. She is a big fan of comic books and draws her favorite characters in her spare time. You can see more of her work at her website:

Jack Vasvary

Freelance Artist

Jack Vasvary is a freelance artist from Pittsburgh. He studied Visual Arts at Radford University as well as Multimedia Technologies at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. While attending Radford University, he was a staff writer and graphic artist for Whim – Radford University’s online magazine. His one-panel cartoons, inspired by Gary Larson’s The Far Side, often mash up pop culture references that show off his inner geek and unique sense of humor. He has also done color work for the third installment of John Davis and Patrick Ebel’s comic book “Worlds Apart” as well as “The Adventures of Steeldog and Steel Puppy: The Garden Party” and the upcoming issue of “Steel Man”. Jack has also designed artwork for the table-top gaming company Wynner’s Circle Games including upcoming games “Going Nutz” and “Squish.” Finally, he is working on his first graphic novel, Hammurabi, which he hopes to have published soon.