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This is where you will find the growing list of COMIC BOOK ARTISTS, ILLUSTRATORS, STUDIOS & SPECIAL GUESTS that will be attending our Show.
IAM: Indie Authors of Mon Valley  - Fiction Authors

Created by Pittsburgh genre fiction authors J.P. Bidula and Spike Bowan, IAM is a free collective that supports, promotes and aids genre fiction writers and artists in the Pittsburgh area. IAM helps aspiring and established local genre fiction authors through collaboration and offers members feedback, editing and promotion on social media venues. IAM is always looking for new members with a goal of nurturing a strong local genre fiction community and helping first-time writers with everything they need to realize the goal of seeing their book in print.
Justin "Gus" Mauk - Artist

Justin is an artist from Claysburg, PA. I started my own art business back in 2012 to do custom portraits for people. From there I began attending art and craft shows selling celebrity portraits and superhero art. I use a lot charcoal in my work which seems to catch attention because it's not an easy medium to work with. I'm proud to say I've been to the steel city con many times, and this will be first time in the artist alley!
D.J. Coffman & Ally Monroe - Artist

D.J. and Ally make up the creative team behind the upcoming “God Child” graphic novel from Caliber Comics. D.J. is an indy comics legend known for his work in minicomics and web comics like Yirmumah, Bigfoot and Tiki and slightly more mainstream work such as Hero By Night. He has done illustration work for several brands such as Webtoons, View Askew and the band Flobots. Writer Ally Monroe's makes her print debut with The God Child #1. Her work on God Child has been acclaimed by readers since it's debut. Stop by and say hello and ask about the duo's unique creative process.
Destini Beard - Vocalist

Destini Beard lives in central PA and is the lead vocalist for the Gothic Soundtrack group Midnight Syndicate. Her first album The Dark Masquerade was released in 2010, and her latest album A Time Forgotten was released in August 2012. She is a lyrical soprano classically trained for 10 years, and has a 3-4 octave range. Destini started her musical career in High School, and became one of the youngest singers to join the world renowned Susquehanna Valley Chorale. She has performed at various conventions and shows in the US, as well as overseas. She is currently working on a new Celtic Album as well as joined up with a symphonic metal band for a soon to be released single. Destini looks forward to embracing more opportunities in other vocal commercial venues. She will be selling and signing her CD's here at the show at the Art of Ed Beard Jr's Booth. To listen to Destini' music go to

Destini is working with "Infinitus Mortus" from NJ on her latest album already featuring the hit single "Transcendence of Souls" winning the coveted number one on the Symphonic Metal top 40 in the European radio talent cast market.
Ed Beard Jr - Game & Fantasy Art Illustrator

Ed lives in central PA and has been illustrating for the Game and fantasy art product industry for over 30 years. He has created well over 1000 published works from Magic the Gathering cards, Dungeons and Dragons, the anual Dragon Calendar you find at Barnes an Noble to T-shirts for the worlds largest T-Shirt company the Mountain Corp. Ed's works have graced the covers of hundreds of magazines and even jigsaw puzzles wih his dynamic bold fantasy images. Ed prides himself on creating all of his work the "Old School Way" completely hand painted with real tangible mediums with NO digital assistance. As a result his original art is some of the most sought after in today's collectible market. Ed also is a multiple time award winning auto and motorcycle airbrush artist with 2 " nationals best mural" awards back to back at the worlds and national auto shows. Ed will be signing Magic cards as other art prints at his booth in the main hall. To view more of Ed's works visit
Jessi Bencloski - Fantasy Artist

Jessi Bencloski is a freelance fantasy artist with a particular focus on impossible beasts and improbable landscapes (with a healthy sprinkling of pop-culture fandom here and there) from North Huntingdon, PA. Her choice of media varies and includes digital painting, traditional illustration, wood-burning, and scratchboard."
J.P. Bidula - Author

J.P. Bidula is a lifetime Pittsburgher, bonafide smart-ass, self-proclaimed mega-geek, pop-culture afficionado, blogger, critic and author. His first novel, Unlucky Seven, was published in 2014 and combines his passion for the comic book superhero nerd culture with his wry and cynical sense of humor into a fast-paced self-aware satire that can best be described as The Avengers meets Arrested Development. When he's not obsessing over video games, TV shows, movies, or comic books, he's working on the as-yet-untitled Unlucky Seven sequel and looks forward to a Spring 2015 release.
Spike Bowan - Author

Spike Bowan is a local Pittsburgh area author who started writing in 2005. He was published by the International Library of Poetry in 2007 where he was awarded the Editors Choice Award. A Hospital Corpsman veteran, Spike is also a singer/songwriter, paramedic, blogger, firearms instructor, poet, father and husband. Spike's fiction novels fall into the alternate history realm bordering on the apocalyptic. Creator of the War in the Backyard series, Spike also has his own superhero series starting called The Cleric.
Dusty Catlett - Artist

Dusty Catlett resides in the valley of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia with his wife Sara and four children. Dusty and Sara work together as chalk artists painting a panorama of landscapes, rustic scenery, and introspectively designed silhouettes of singles and couples. To connect with Dusty and Sara check out:
Taylor Cottingham - Freelance artist

From Charlottesville, VA. Taylor Cottingham, and wife Jennifer are excited for their first Steel City Con!
David DeVera - Illustrator & Color Sketchcard Artist

David DeVera is an illustrator and color sketchcard artist. In addition to custom art, David is the author of Ninjabitch: A Grindhouse Graphic Novel and has done illustrative work for Deadworld.
CJ Edwards - CJ Photography

James "CJ" Edwards is a Pittsburgh native with a passion for the Arts; he has had a lifelong love of comics and been involved in some form of creative expression since grade school. After spending 15+ years in theatre, he took up fashion photography as a hobby turned professional. He fell in love and hasn't been without his camera since! In less than three years, he has worked with over 150 models on 200+ shoots. In 2014, James' photos were published in Sensual Woman magazine and he started selling prints of his photography and digital art at the Steel City Convention. Starting in 2015, he is expanding these sales to include pop culture arts & craft items. James and his wife, Meg, currently live in the Munhall area with their two dogs.
Jay Fife - Pin-up & Portrait Artist

Jay's work is mostly full rendered pencil drawings of characters from all aspects of horror, fantasy, sci-fi and comics. Specializing in customized pinups realistically depicting famous characters or compositions of favorite personalities from TV and movies, Jay brings personality to his images. He recently had his art featured in the Harvey Award winning Image comic Mice Templar Destiny and has been the subject of an artist spotlight along with a pin-up featured in Hustler Magazine. Jay's art was also featured in Echo Immortalus Magazine and has been the cover of two issues of the Horror anthology The Willows. Jay did a cover for Heske Horror's Cold Blooded Chillers, had art featured in Pin-Up Magazine, The Serial Squad from Bad Place Productions, Eve-Vampire Diva from Arcana Comics and is the cover artist for the upcoming Dare #2 for Pickle Press Comics. Jays pin-ups are well known for featuring some of the most beautiful pin-up models including April Hunter, Jamie Eason and the amazing Acid Pop Tart.
Garrett Free - Comic Book Writer

Garrett Free is a comic book writer from Pittsburgh, PA. He attended Penn State majoring in Software Engineering. He learned from a young age by attending art school at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA. After reading the Watchmen, Garrett began pursuing writing comic books as a new creative output. He finds that his biggest influences in his writing come from his own past experiences and music, but he also draws a lot of influence from old movies and video games.
Wendi Go - Artist

Wendi Go is a fine young cannibal that specializes in the creation of monsters and other strange folk. She uses various media like sculpture, crochet, and illustration to bring her monsters, movie icons, and original characters to life. If you want to check out her work you can visit her website:, her facebook page or email her for direct communication at Won’t you stop by and say hi? She promises not to eat you…yet…
Stan Gordon - UFO Investigator

Stan Gordon has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959. Since then, he has been involved with the investigation of thousands of unusual incidents. He is the primary investigator of the 1965 UFO crash incident that occurred near Kecksburg, PA. Stan has been taking calls on UFO sightings and other strange reports from the public since 1969, and he continues to receive unusual reports on a regular basis.He is the producer of the award winning video documentary, “Kecksburg The Untold Story.” Stan is the author of two books, "Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook," and “Really Mysterious Pennsylvania." He appears frequently on radio and television programs discussing his research on these topics. Stan has been seen on the History & Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel, Destination America Channel, and Unsolved Mysteries, as well as numerous other programs. He has been a guest on the Coast to Coast radio show several times. During 2014, Stan appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. He was seen on The Close Encounters series on the Science Channel, Monsters & Mysteries in America on the Destination America Channel, Monumental Mysteries on the Travel Channel, In Search of Aliens on H2, and UFO Conspiracies on the Science Channel. He will also be appearing on a number of other new TV programs still in production in 2015.Stan’s more extensive Bio and pictures @ update information on upcoming events and reports see:
Wendelin Gray - Author and

Author Wendelin Gray is a linguist, writer, dancer and long-time volunteer with the Silk Screen Arts Organization in Pittsburgh, PA. She has written the novel The Vulpecula Cycle and the novella The Weary City and blogs about East Asian language and literature at and
Andrew Harmon - Artist

Andrew is a Pittsburgh, PA artist who colored for IDW's The New Ghostbusters as well as The Art of the Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand, The National Guardians, and Son-Lar; in addition to lettering pages for Alpha Dog Studios’ Grimm, Techlore and Gun Ghoul.
John Haun - Illustrator

John Haun Illustrator, Sketch Card Artist, Trading card sets I have worked/ing on include; The Hobbit, Leaf Best Of Hockey, Tarzan, CBLDF, Walking Dead, Batman: The Legend ... DC Comics ... Justice League of America Archives, Marvel Comics ... Captain America, The Avengers, Ant-Man, Marvel Greatest Battles, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie, Marvel Bronze Age, Spider-Man Archives, X-Men Archive, 70 Years In Marvel, Heroes and Villains & Dangerous Divas. Star Wars Masterworks, Star Wars Galaxy 5, 6 and 7, The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Red Sonja, Sci Fi / Horror Sketch Card Series 2 & Vampirella. Bettie Page Private Collection Box 1 & 2.
Josh Knaub - Illustrator & Cartoonist

Josh is a illustrator/cartoonist from Lancaster, Pa. Josh enjoys taking movie characters and pop culture icons and recreating them in his own cartoon style. He will have prints, original drawings, and sketch cover comic books for sale at Steel City Con, but if you can't wait til then, check out his Facebook page at
Heather V. Kreiter - Fantasy Illustrator

Heather V. Kreiter is the twisted creator behind My Little Demon, considered to be the "dark side" of ponies or Garbage Pail Kids for a new generation. To date the "herd" of almost 50 Demons have been made into prints, figurines, dog tags, calendars, coloring books, personal checks, messenger bags, plushies, and much more! Heather is also an award winning Fantasy Illustrator that has been working professionally since July 2000. Her work has been published hundreds of times in RPGs such as the World of Darkness line of books and in CCGs such as Legend of the Five Rings and Vampire: The Eternal Struggle."
Michelle LaBranche -

Michelle is an artist based out of Springfield, MA who works in the mediums of acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink. She graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta in GA in 2006 and has since started a small business called Chell Studios where she creates fan art, original artwork and commissions for people. She will have original paintings/art, prints, and sketch cards for purchase. Please feel free to visit her website at
Maggie Linebaugh - Artist

Maggie Linebaugh (a graduate of Douglas Education Center in the Tom Savini's Special Effect Program) and her younger sister Hannah Linebaugh share a common talent - art. They work in various mediums from clay to acrylic and watercolor and also turn found objects into re-purposed art.
Jesse Mark - Artist / Illustrator

Jesse Marks is an artist and illustrator from Cleveland, Ohio. His art ranges from his favorite classic heroes and villains to Disney and My Little Pony. He is currently working on a web comic called Evolution Prime and a new comic book for Underground Comixx. Also in the works is a project with Eric Cooper, creator of Knightseeker. Visit and
Brandon McDonald - Artist

Brandon is an inspiring artist who works in the mediums of graphite and charcoal. He creates realistic images from an array of pop culture and horror films. He is currently earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. You can find his work at and
Brian Middleton - Freelance Artist

Brian Middleton is a comic creator and a freelance artist. He lives in Altoona, PA. His ongoing anthology webcomic can be found at He is currently developing his first ongoing series, "Adventures in Isme".
James O'Barr - Graphic Artist

James is a graphic artist, best known as the creator of the comic book series THE CROW. The Crow was adapted into a successful film of the same name in 1994. After the success of the 1994 movie, O'Barr began planning a post-apocalyptic graphic novel series entitled Gothik. The series was based on The Wizard of Oz and featured "Jonny Z" from his short story "Frame 137" as the main character. In January 2013 Motionworks Entertainment released O'Barr's western comic, Sundown, which served as their debut motion comic. In November 2014, O'Barr revealed that he is helping write the script for the new reboot of The Crow, along with screenwriter Cliff Dorfman
Colin Richards - Illustrator & Artist

Colin Richards is a freelance illustrator and artist from Western Pennsylvania. He specializes in pen-and-ink and graphite drawings of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy themes and is greatly inspired by golden-age illustrators and classic fantasy art. Connect with Colin at or
David Schuler - Painter, Illustrator

David Schuler is a traditional painter, illustrator, and designer residing in the land of weirdness and devilstrips known as Akron OH. He paints dark and surreal, yet colorful paintings sometimes bordering on the macabre using watercolors, acrylics and brush inks. Check out his website to connect and view all of his work, and be sure to like his Facebook page for in-process photos of upcoming works and event schedules:
Scott Straka - Artist

Scott has been drawing since my youth but it wasn't until June of 2013 that I started getting serious about my work and in December 2013 I started selling my work and vending at various comic and horror conventions across the United States. I'm a self-taught artist based out of Philadelphia PA. I specialize in Portraiture and Comic/Cartoon art. My medium of choice is Copics Markers and occasionally colored pencils. To get a preview of my work, please visit my fan page:
Steve Totin - Artist

Steve Totin is a local artist from Pittsburgh, PA with a big passion for comic book art. He is a freelance comic artist and graphic designer with a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in graphic arts. He has done many projects so far: illustrating logos, book covers, and comic commissions. With major influences like Jim Lee, Michael Turner, and Greg Capullo, Steve aspires to break into the comic book world with his own independent comic currently in the works. Combining his passion for traditional art and knowledge of digital graphics, Steve brings life to his creations with unique perspective. He is excited to showcase his work and network with others who share his love for art and pop culture.
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