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Nathan & Stacie Pinsoneault have been Nerds all of their lives. Together, Nathan’s dream of crafting stories and characters through writing, drawing & inking comics, along with Stacie’s aspirations to write, color & letter comics has now become a reality with their very own company: 819 COMICS!

Brian Middleton

Brian Middleton is a comic creator and illustrator from Altoona PA. His upcoming fantasy adventure comic, Wulfborne, will be published by Scout Comics in the coming months.

Brock Flotta

Owens a small independent business called bzilla studios. Brock illustrates caracitues, create sculptors and also draws fan art.

Burrito Princess

Burrito Princess is handmade pixel fan art for the geek at heart!

Cieara Niespodzianski

Cieara Niespodzianski is a self-taught artist from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and is currently studying animation and visual effects at Point Park University. Working in a digital medium, she finds inspiration in cartoons and comic books.

Colt Baudoux

Colt began his journey as an artist in his youth, and is finally taking the leap into the world of the professional art. With a background in graphic design from ITT Tech, Colt’s work has focused on poster designs, tattoo art and portraits! Colt’s preferred medium is graphite pencil, with an exploration into color from time to time.

ComicManiac Designs

The Graphic Design program at La Roche me express my love for comics. My style for designs is minimalistic, because I like to create designs that get to the root of the characters. And recently I’ve been trying to expand into other pop culture works and submitting to TeePublic to expand.

Hellfire Pottery

Local artist whose wheel-thrown, functional pottery features horror, gaming, and pop culture themes.

Joseph Goblick

Joseph Goblick is a self-taught paper artist from Pittsburgh, PA. His hand cut, handmade shadow box art and other paper related crafts focus on many
different genres of pop culture.

Joshua Robertson

Award- winning author in epic, dark fantasy. His first novel was released in 2015, and he has been writing fiction like clockwork ever since. Known for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson
enjoys an ever expanding loyal following of readers.


Handmade crafts made by a Pittsburgher! Pop culture and yinzer themed tote bags, t shirt tote bags, wristlet wallets, pillows,
dog bandanas, infinity scarfs. Also take special orders!

L.F. Oake

A.K.A. Lilian Oake is an Amazon bestselling author of teen and adult fantasy. She is best known for Nahtaia: A Jaydurian Adventure, which boasts 3.7 million online copies. When she is not writing, she is educating her horde of goblins in the ways of Middle Earth and Narnia with the help of her husband.

Let Me Be Frank

Frank has been a participant of SCC since 2015 and is excited to be back! Many may already recognize Frank’s art. His work focuses on all things nerd and pop culture. You can quickly see influences of sci-fi, fantasy, film and television in both his cartoon & art nouveau pieces.

Shane Ronzio

Shane started his career in independent comics in 1996 and has been publishing as a creator, writer, and artist for over 20 years. His works include Fugitive Faction, Tempest Fugitive, Ferocity, Thax, and the Cross Worlds Nexus webcomic.

Taylor Vega

Taylor Vega is a self-taught artist born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Working in a traditional pen/ink medium, she finds inspiration in all things spooky, especially classic horror movies.

Ted Sikora

Ted is an Akron based comic book writer and filmmaker. He is the creator of Tap Dance Killer and Apama The Undiscovered Animal which tell the tales of Cleveland’s own resident superheroes and villains. Ted also directed the independent feature film Hero Tomorrow, and is the president of Hero Tomorrow Comics.

The Cat In Black Art

Bret Dusic aka Mr. Cat has been creating high quality items of wonderment for over 30 years. From the simplicity of his ink and water cat prints to the complexity of his wire-work critter sculptures each unique piece has a little bit of soul.

The Garment Goddess

The Garment Goddess specializes in custom-created cosplay for all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you’re looking for a fun and unique outfit that you could wear every day, and not just at Cons, she can design that too! She also creates various jewelry and hair accessories.

Tiffany Leamer

Tiffany Leamer does everything from jewelry, to rag-dolls all to suit your unique side.

Wendell Gray

Author and blogger Wendelin Gray is an East Asian language and culture expert who speaks and writes regularly on related topics around town and on the web. She has written five speculative fiction novels, including the award-winning, genre-bending ghost story The Haunting at Ice Pine Peak, as well as a beginner’s language guide.


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