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Ready for fun & win amazing art to help raise money for charity?

If you have ever attended an ARTIST QUICK SKETCH then you know how much fun it is to watch some of the most talented artists in the comic and fantasy genre create on the spot masterpieces that you can WIN for just $1. The best part is the audience participation and the exchange between the collectors and the artists who sit up on stage at the head table creating one piece of artwork after the next, sometimes as many as 100 works of art made with the most rudimentary materials … good ol Sharpies, markers and crayons.

If you are an Artist, the Steel City Con will supply all the materials … all you need to bring is your talent!

If you are an art collector, this is an amazing opportunity for you. Raffle tickets are only $1 each!

The Steel City Con will be donating all proceed to the official charity of the event.

Saturday Night 7-9pm!

If you are a comic art fan or an artist you will not want to miss out!

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ALL proceeds from the Charity Quick Sketch will benefit the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society!

Here is how the Steel City Con Quick Sketch Charity Event works:

1. The event is emceed by an announcer and introduced by the spokesperson for the charity. Each artist is given the mic to introduce themselves and speak a bit about the current projects they are working on then passes the mic to the next artist down the line.

2. Each artist will create as many drawings as they can within the time the event is on in crayon and marker producing a unique quick sketches on 18×24 paper.

3. Once finished the emcee will take the finished drawing off the table and show it to the audience ( lots of ooohs and ahhhs follow) then he or she draws a ticket to see who wins.

4. The best part of this for the audience is that they get to win this amazing work of art for only $1. Folks typically will buy 20-$100 worth of tickets at a time just for the chance to win and support the charity.

5. The artist can work as slow or fast as they need to detailed or rough essentially whatever they feel comfortable with. The audience will also be encouraged to shout out what they may wish to see from the artists ie: Batman in a tutu LOL! you never know

6. The session will be Saturday Night 7-9pm

Please spread the word and have fun! 

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Ticket categories may sell out BEFORE the DISCOUNTS ends!  Don't risk it!  Buy your tickets now!