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The Steel City Con would like its attendees to know that in order to comply with all building capacity regulations we have always set limits in every category of tickets.  We NEVER sell above the building capacity and we never will.  We work closely with local officials, Monroeville Police and Monroeville Constables in a cooperative effort since we are the biggest show of the Monroeville Convention Center.

It is impossible to predict when a ticket category will sell out. All of our shows this past year have seen multiple ticket categories sell out (some of the categories sell out overnight before a particular day sometimes minutes before the doors open).  No one can predict this.  Thus, our only option when this happens is to only allow those into the building that pre-purchased tickets. Others will have to wait outside until the building capacity drops or purchase tickets for a different day. We highly recommend you don’t wait and just purchase your tickets today.

If you did not buy in advance, you may still come to the show but with the understanding that you will have to wait outside until the the number of attendees inside the building drops below capacity before more tickets can be sold.

Buying your tickets in advance does the following:

It guarantees that you will be able to enter the show;

It guarantees that you will get your tickets at a discounted rate (ONLY IF PURCHASED BY THE SPECIFIED DATE); and

If you are lucky enough to purchase the limited-quantity 3 day pass, you will be able to get in 1/2 hour early each day before general admission.

Yes, multiple ticket categories sold-out at our last show and many were disappointed.  We strongly encourage you not to wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets. We can tell you with certainty that this upcoming show will be no different.

We appreciate our customers and thank you for understanding.


Ticket categories may sell out BEFORE the DISCOUNTS ends!  Don't risk it!  Buy your tickets now! 

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