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General Show Questions

What are the show hours?

Friday – 10 am – 8pm

Saturday – 10 am – 8pm

Sunday – 10 am – 5pm

3-Day & VIP Ticket holders can enter the show at 9:30am


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, but there may be some times when tickets are not available due to crowd issues or sell-outs.


Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, you may transfer your ticket to another person. *Note Steel City Con is not responsible for tickets purchased through unofficial methods and cannot verify the authenticity of tickets for 3rd parties.


Are tickets refundable?

No, they are not refundable.


Do I need a ticket for my child?

Children 10 and under do not require a ticket.


I bought tickets. What do I need to do to enter either the convention center or hotel?

You are required to scan your ticket barcode to receive a wristband. A wristband is required to enter both the hotel/convention center for each person, with the exception of children 10 and under. 

VIP Packages

What types of VIP packages are available?

There are two different types of VIP packages available: a Headliner VIP Package and a VIP line access upgrade.

VIP Packages

What do Headliner VIP packages include?

All Headliner VIP passes include a 3 day pass, one professional photo op, one autograph, a tote, a SCC T-Shirt, a VIP lanyard,  a SCC poster of that celebrity, and reserved event room seating. Also, you will receive VIP line access to all celebrities EXCEPT other Headliner VIP lines. 

VIP Packages

What does a VIP line access upgrade include?

A VIP line access upgrade includes VIP line access to all celbrity lines EXCEPT celbrities that are offering a VIP Headliner package. Note, if you have the VIP upgrade, an admission ticket is also required. 

Can I have someone stand with me in the VIP line?

Only children under 12 can stand in the VIP line with a VIP ticket holder.


I bought an autograph online. Do I still need a ticket?

Yes, you will need an entry ticket in addition to any photo or autograph purchases. 


What does it cost to get an autograph? Do celebrities do selfies?

We publish prices here: Most celebrities do selfies at the table, unless otherwise noted.

Where do I buy an autograph? Will they have something to sign?

For most celebrities you purchase an autograph directly from the celebrity, cash only. Headliner autographs are occasionally pre-sold here: Celebrities have 8 x10s on their table which are included with an autograph purchase.

Can I bring in something for the celebrity to autograph?

Yes. You can bring in your own memorabilia to have it autographed. Each celebrity guest will set their own pricing for that autograph.

I bought a photo op. Do I need a separate ticket to enter? What time do I show up? Does the photo include an autograph?

Yes, you need a separate admission ticket. We post the photo schedule a few weeks prior to the event, here: Please review and allow plenty of time to enter and get to the photo area. For photo op customer service, please contact No, autographs are purchased separately.

How many people can I have in a professional photo op?

You can have up to 4 people in a photo with a celebrity.

Q & A Panels

Do you offer Q& A panels?

We publish the event room schedule here:
There is no fee to attend the panels.


Do you sell autographs of past guests?

Yes, we have celebrity autographs and other Steel City Con memorabilia at our merchandise booth.

Q & A Panels

Is there a cost to see a Q & A panel?

There is no cost to watch a Q & A Panel. However, VIP customers will be seated first.

General Show Questions

Do you offer COAs (Certificates of Authenticity)?

Yes, you can purchase those at the merchandise booth.


Do you offer “meet and greets”?

No, celebrities sell autographs, selfies, and/or you can purchase a professional photo. Time to interact with the celebrities is limited.

Costume Contest

What time is the costume contest?

The costume contest is Sunday from 1 – 5

Costume Contest

Can I bring in props for my cosplay costume?

Yes you can bring in props. However, if the props are metal or can cause harm to another attendee, then you will be asked to leave the prop in your car.

Costume Contest

What time do you sign up for the costume contest?

Costume contest registration begins on Sunday at 10:00 am and ends at:

12:30pm for the kids with the contest starting at 1pm

1:30pm for the teens with the contest starting at 2pm

2:30pm for the adults with the contest starting at 3pm.

General Show Questions

What is the address of the convention?

Monroeville Convention Center: 209 Mall Blvd, Monroeville, PA 15146

General Show Questions

Where do I park?

The Monroeville Convention Center has a limited amount of free parking available. The mall and a variety of businesses nearby also offer parking, but please check with the business before parking there.

General Show Questions

Can I bring pets?

Due the busy crowds, only service animals are permitted.


Can you pick up tickets early?

Yes, you can pick them up on Thursday the day before the event betweenn the hours of 11am – 7 pm. Ticket offices open by 8:30
AM the day of an event.

General Show Questions

Can you leave and reenter the convention?

Yes, as long as you have your wristband on.

General Show Questions

Do you have food available?

There are concession stands and vendor food available.

General Show Questions

Do you have wheelchairs available for use?

The Monroeville Convention Center has a limited amount of free wheelchairs, first come first serve.

Can I buy a vendor table? When do they go on sale?

If any vendor tables are available, they will go on sale online the day after the previous event. f you are already on the waitlist, there is no need to add your name again.

Convention Center Directions
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