Niobe Comic Book – Steel City Con Exclusive Variant

Steel City Con has teamed up with Stranger Comics and legendary comic artist Caanan White to bring you a Steel City Con exclusive variant. Written by award winning writer Sebastian Jones, the cover is for Niobe: She is Death - Issue 1, featuring of course, Niobe, the famous vampire hunter. The cover art will pay homage to the famous "Blade" poster featuring Wesley Snipes. HBO has picked up Niobe's world, "Asunda" for a new TV series. Available in Trade Dress, Foil, Virgin and Metal versions.

"NIOBE: She is Death is a tale of revelations for a young woman who is tired of running. Niobe has lost her faith – in humanity and the world around her. In the sequel to the acclaimed “Niobe: She is Life,” we witness Niobe’s journey from heartbroken teenager to warrior woman. A bounty has been put on the young savior’s head. When the worst of men come to collect, innocent girls are caught in the crossfire, and Niobe must go on the offensive.

Niobe becomes a bounty hunter, hunting down sex traffickers and slave traders, working toward the man holding the strings. Along the way she will be met by a ghost from her past and forced to decide just how much she is willing to sacrifice."

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